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Our strengths lie in our team of motivated, well-qualified and experienced professionals and our technical facilities in a conducive working environment. Orbits Engineering is professionally managed by directors with backgrounds in management, engineering, computer science and marketing. Our project managers are responsible for overall coordination and quality control. They also patrticipate in weekly discussions between the management and ORBITS-Day held after each three months participating by all the empolyees of the orgonization spreaded along the kingdom. Our team or professionals is committed, flexible and dedicated to highest quality standards prerequisites to assure our customers complete satisfaction.

Office and team:
ORBITS Enginnering modern offices offers a professional working environment in a friendly atmosphere. Our professionals are well qualified, experienced, and dedicated to efficient and on time delivery of quality products, that meet our customers highest standards.

Our expertise lies in implementing large volume CAD and GIS projects, GIS and Web application development projects, Website design projects, City planning projects, data entry projects,survey projects and project supervision for other municipality projects.

Our team includes engineers, programmers, architects, CAD and GIS professionals and designers. Most professionals hold university degrees and have on average 2-8 years work experience.

Flexibility, teamwork and personal initiative are highly valued. Orbits Engineering provides regular opportunities for further training and development in order to keep skills at par with technological developments. The positive environment encourages and rewards personal initiative and team spirit. We continuously upgrade our skills to provide high value and cost-effective CAD and GIS services.